Strenghen your business, deploying internet based strategies.

Now's the Time Office


Drawing up the plan of internet based strategies and mixmise your business value.

  1. Offering strategy for change in the organisation that new and advanced talents are needed to innovate and develop its products and services.
  2. Marketing strategies usually require talent pool of outside and inside any given organisation and Now's Time Office support to change the organization for the better.
  3. A diversified organisation is a key of success - Now's Time Office supports to make and develop an empowered group consits of different types of people no metter what gender, nationality, age, the disabled and even criminal histories
  4. All the IT based tools need the great contents, attractive design and adequate data. We use outside programmers and/or designers to improve your websites and/or contents management systems (CMSs).

Offering advanced organization making strategies by our rich experience and creative ideas.

The director has experienced in the front of businesses and generate strategies and also the techniques in creating websites and data base usage for the mechanism for selling your products and services.

The list of services:

  1. Supporting to deploy the marketing strategies based on websites and social network services. Also changing the organisation in accordance with the strategies you prepare.
  2. Designing your websites such as an intranet, contents management systems, blogs and social network services. Ensuring the cooperative works between website creating team and business side.
  3. Now's time office provide a delvelped education programme and training for managers and employees to change their attitude and behaviour to deal with different types of people.
  4. Now's Time Office offers an advanced strategy to change your organisation's rules and regulations, information media and culture to have your organisation become more diversified.