Business Policy:

The ultimate purposes of this service offering is to maximize the abilities, growth potential and expertise of a number of business persons, company employees and those who want to innovate their businesses, relying on more diversified workers and partners for the benefits of more diversified customers and investors, develop their businesses internationally and improve the company values to be favoured by stakeholders.

I am providing Verbal and Writing Communication Training, offering diversified communication skills, instilling the quality mindset in trainees to have them be more effective in communication with diversified groups of people and teaching Business English Writing techniques to give them a chance to become a better communicator in writing in English.

When it comes to communication with the people from multi-conceptual and multicultural backgrounds, we have to admit that there are scarce human resources to communicate effectively in Japan.  Despite lack of such skillsets and a related mindset, business persons and company employees have to change their business and working concept, related behaviour and learning methods to keep abreast of the latest political, legal, social, business and technological changes. Nevertheless, we have come to standstill because of several reasons such as mindset of lack of emergency, too much domestic homogeneity and leaderless, and even micromanaged organization.

Having been worked as a business consultant, sometimes giving company managers and employees practical training and encouraging managers to possess business acumen, I came to believe that the weakest point of Japanese business persons, company managers and employees is in diversified communication.  So, I have prepared and run the training courses, aiming to develop their abilities to communicate and discuss various issues with a wide diversity of business persons and other types of experts coming from a different background and societies.  These are why I started the business focusing on Diversified Communication Facilitation and Consulting.